Emily LeVasseur

Emily LeVasseur is a veteran Reading Specialist and Dyslexia Therapist with over nineteen years of experience in schools. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Rice University and her Master’s in Education from Stanford University. The first half of her teaching career was spent teaching and leading urban charter schools in New York City, where she served as the Dean of Teaching and Learning for the KIPP network. She then transitioned to Birch Wathen Lenox, an elite private school in Manhattan, where she served as both the Reading Specialist and Director of Teaching and Learning. When her family moved back to Houston in 2019, Emily seized the opportunity to pivot to private reading intervention and dyslexia therapy. She opened her own private practice, LeVasseur Learning Solutions, and now spends her time doing what she loves most: teaching struggling students to read.

Outside of professional commitments, Emily enjoys volunteering in various capacities at her children’s school and at her church. She and her family are thrilled to be in Houston and love to participate in the arts and cultural activities the city has to offer.