Arati Bhattacharya

Arati (pronounced Ar-tee) is a business and estate planning attorney. She firmly believes that everyone should have equal access to the protections of the law and is passionate about educating and empowering her clients and community on how the law can protect and benefit them. Arati especially enjoys working with parents to protect their families, entrepreneurs, and women and minority business owners.

When she is not lawyering, Arati cherishes her time with her husband and two daughters. She also devotes her energy towards her family’s personal charity initiative, Akash’s Libraries, which builds libraries and funds literacy initiatives in impoverished communities across South and Southeast Asia, in memory of her infant son. Arati also enjoys off the beaten path and adventure travel – favorites include hiking with mountain gorillas in Uganda and wild orangutans in Indonesia, diving with sharks in Thailand, riding camels overnight through the Sahara Desert, and exploring remote regions of Mozambique for which guidebooks are not available.

Arati is a native Houstonian and loves her hometown. She is excited to play a formative role in Impact100 Houston’s growth.