Member Spotlight

We are thrilled to introduce one of our founding members: Audrey Richmond.

Audrey Richmond

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Growing up an Air Force “brat” I lived in Germany, Florida, California, Texas, Nebraska, and South Dakota…all before I hit middle school! When I was in 5th grade, we moved back to Texas to be closer to my mom’s family in the Houston area. After attending middle school in Missouri City and High School in Sugar Land, I headed off to join my older sister as an Aggie in College Station. After graduating from Texas A&M, I moved to Pensacola, Florida where I stayed for 23 years before returning “home” to Texas, settling in the Cypress area. 

I am a single mom with two kids; my oldest is a Freshman at Texas A&M, and my youngest is a Junior at Bridgeland High School in Cypress. For the past 25+ years, I have worked as a defense contractor with the Department of Defense developing financial applications for the government, the last 12 of which I have been super blessed to work from home full-time. As my kids get older, I am finding more time for myself, and have come to realize how much enjoyment I get by firing up the grill under a beautiful evening sky. I’m involved with my church as a youth bible study leader for (now) 10th grade girls, and for the past three years I have facilitated the DivorceCare class.

2) How did you first get involved?

I first heard about Impact100 while I lived in Pensacola, Florida. I attended several membership events to learn about the organization. At those membership drives, I was incredibly impressed with the professionalism, determination, and strong hearts of the women I encountered. I moved back to Cypress before I had the opportunity to join the Pensacola chapter of Impact100, and at the time there was no Houston chapter. But now….WOOHOO!!!!

3) What inspires you about the model? 

I love that 100% of my donation goes towards the grant for a non-profit organization, and that I can be involved in which non-profit receives the grant money.  Additionally, I like that I can be involved as much or as little as I choose to be. This allows me to adjust my involvement as my life evolves.

4) Are you serving on any committees? 

I recently joined the Membership committee, and am looking forward to working with these fabulous ladies. Thanks for having me!!!

5) Out of the five focus areas, are there any that you are especially passionate about? 

Health & Wellness…DEFINITELY, and specifically mental illness, as well as addiction. Both of these demons have attacked people close to my heart. It often seems that these issues are misunderstood by those who have not been personally impacted.

6) What would you tell someone who was considering joining Impact100 Houston? 

In a time where there is so much to divide us, here we have an organization with a simple goal…to give back. It is not political. It is not religious. It is simply a way to give back by working side-by-side with other women with likeminded goals. It is empowering!