Member Spotlight

Please welcome founding member: Jeannie Gardner!

What city did you grow up in?

Goldsboro, North Carolina.

What is your favorite food? 

This is a hard one. I love to cook!  I’m a cookbook cook, so on the weekends I love trying new recipes. If I had to choose one thing, I would say Dungeness crab.

Drink of choice?

Believe it or not, the only things I drink are water, beer and wine. The wine that I love right now is 19 Crimes Snoop Cali Red.

What is the last thing you read?

The Infinite Game by Simon Sinek.

What is your most loved travel destination?

I love to travel! I’ve been to 6 of the 7 continents. I really loved Ireland. Beach locations are always good.

What drew you to Impact100 Houston?

I love that Impact100 represents a group of like-minded women coming together to support a shared cause.

What is your favorite place in Houston?

That’s a tough one, because Houston is such a diverse city with so much to offer to everyone. One of my favorite places to visit is the Botanical Gardens.