Member Spotlight

Please welcome one of our founding members: Ellen Lin.

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am originally from Taiwan and moved to the US in 2020. I live near the medical center with my husband and our two boys – Austin (10), and Cameron (5). I work as a pediatric clinical pharmacist at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. During my free time, I love to try out new restaurants, explore new outdoor places (anywhere for the boys to run around!) and hang out with friends. I used to play piano and would like to pick up playing again.  I also love reading (or listening to) books and watching movies/ shows.

2) How did you first get involved?

I found out about Impact100 Houston through my friend (board member) Valerie Ly. She described the organization and its vision. I found it attractive because I can be part of a women’s organization that make an impact on our community and also get to learn more about different charities in Houston. I appreciate that I can choose to be involved as much or as little as I am able to.

3) How are you currently involved in philanthropy in Houston?

Before COVID, I used to volunteer at my church regularly. I also volunteer at Presbyterian Children’s Homes and Services but haven’t done much since the pandemic.  Therefore, I feel this is a great way for me to contribute to the community and start back up. I hope to  discover more organizations to volunteer for through Impact100 Houston.

4) Are you serving on any committees? 

I am not in any committee currently because my life is pretty busy with a full-time job and 2 young boys!

5) Out of the five focus areas, are there any that you are especially passionate about? 

Out of all the focus areas, I think Health and Wellness resonates most with me. Working in the hospital I see many families in unfortunate situations firsthand, especially people who are uninsured and undocumented. It is heart-wrenching to see when they cannot afford healthcare or have to choose between food and medications for their kids. I tried to help them on an individual level but it’s limited. I hope through Impact100 Houston, more kids and family can get medical help.