What happens at Meet the Finalists?

Meet the Finalists is the annual event where we officially announce the 5 finalists for our grants. Following the announcement, attendees have an opportunity to meet and mingle with representatives from the finalist organizations to learn more about their work.

What happens at the Awards Celebration?

The Annual Awards Celebration is the culmination of our grant-making year. All Impact100 Houston members, friends, and donors are invited to attend and celebrate along with representatives from our 5 finalist organizations.

Following a seated dinner and presentations by the finalist organizations, members will cast their votes to decide how our $245,000 grant pool will be distributed to make an impact here in Houston. Tickets are available on the Awards Season 2023 page.

How will I cast my ballot?

Each member will cast her ballot through a secure, third-party voting platform.

When do I cast my ballot?

Voting will be open November 8, 2023 from 8am-8:30pm. More detailed information will be shared in advance of the vote.

Why do I need to sign a conflict of interest form before I can vote?

Because it is an expectation that a member will not personally benefit from a grant allocation, a member may not vote for a grant recipient that will financially benefit herself or her immediate family. Therefore, every Impact100 member is required to sign a “Conflict of Interest” form prior to voting at the Annual Awards Celebration, in accordance with the Impact100 Houston bylaws,

What if I cannot attend the Annual Awards Celebration in-person?

You do not need to attend the Awards Celebration in person to cast your vote. Additional information about each of the finalists will be shared with members in advance of November 8th, and voting will be live via a third-party online platform throughout the day from 8am-8:30pm.

For those who wish to hear the finalists speak but cannot attend the Awards Celebration, a remote listening option will be available beginning at 7:30pm. Dial 720-740-9806 and use access code 8679928.

This is a big decision. Will I have an opportunity to learn about the five finalists?

We will be several ways to learn more about the 2023 grant finalists.

Watch your email for important voting information, which includes executive summaries, letters from the organization, and financial information.

Join us at the Meet the Finalists event on September 27th for an opportunity to speak with representatives of the finalist organizations.

On November 8th, the 5 finalist organizations make a presentation during the Annual Awards Celebration before members cast their votes. For those who wish to hear the finalists speak but cannot attend the Awards Celebration, a remote listening option will be available beginning at 7:30pm. Dial 720-740-9806 and use access code 8679928.

How were the finalists determined?

Many Impact100 Houston members volunteer their time and brainpower to make our grant review process possible.

Each year over the course of several months, Impact100 Houston focus area committees review dozens of grant applications in the areas of Family, Environment, Education, Health & Wellness, and Arts & Culture.

The groups use a set of comprehensive guidelines to narrow down to a much smaller group of organizations for closer examination by the Community Investment Review Committee (CIRC). After careful review of each organization’s finances, CIRC gives its stamp of approval for up to 15 organizations to move to the semi-finalist round.

To complete the grant review process, focus area committee members conduct site visits to learn more about the semi-finalists and their initiatives, and then select the year’s finalists.

Can I bring a friend to the awards season events?

Yes! We welcome you to bring a friend who may be interested in supporting our mission or learning more about our organization. Tickets must be purchased in advance – they will not be available at the door.

Do membership dues cover the cost for me to attend the awards season events?

Tickets must be purchased in order to attend the awards season events.

Impact100 Houston is unique because 100% of your $1,000 contribution goes to the grant pool. We are 100% volunteer run and have no paid staff members. The ticket cost goes directly to covering the expenses to host the event, including food and beverage, room rental, AV, complimentary tickets for representatives of our finalist organizations, and more. Due to generous sponsorships, we have been able to reduce the cost to attend.