2021 Grant Recipients’ Impact Reports

Thanks to our Impact100 Houston membership, our initial grantees continued to create positive change for our community. We are grateful for their commitment to building a stronger Houston and are pleased to share the impact of our 2021 grants.

Angela House:  $100,000 Grant Recipient – Family Focus Area

Overall:  Funds supported hiring an After-Care Coordinator who monitors graduates’ needs and provides support on their path to recovery while tracking data of successes and challenges. This has allowed Angela House to extend the continuum of care for clients and results are ongoing and positive. Additionally, a new van funded by our grant will aid their after care program

Successes:  During the grant period, Angela House completed mortgage payments on their residential facility, which frees up funds to help cover the expense of the newly created position. Additionally, grant funds helped to pay a small scholarship for a graduate to complete her Licensed Chemical Dependency Certification to assist others who face her previous challenges. Also, filing fees were covered for two other graduates as they petitioned the courts to seal their criminal records once their recovery programs were completed.

Challenges:  After a delay in finding the right staff for the After-Care Coordinator position, Angela House’s grant delivery timeline was modified. This delay, coupled with supply chain issues held up the purchase of the van for use by the after care program. After an extensive search for the right person to fill the Coordinator role, they remain on track to complete all grant objectives by March 2023.


Chinquapin Prep:  $22,000 Grant Recipient – Education Focus Area

Overall:  Chinquapin Preparatory, with grant funds, has been able to contract with a psychotherapist to provide behavioral health consultations, individual counseling sessions, parental consultations, and a program which helps faculty support students with learning disabilities. This curriculum was built with Baylor College of Medicine.

Successes:  An unexpected outcome has been the counselor’s success in connecting students and families with additional resources and services, including access to fresh food, mental health resources, and family assistance during school breaks.

Challenges:  Chinquapin still finds a lack of buy-in and parental support from some families due to cultural beliefs and myths associated with mental health and counseling.


Kids’ Meals:  $22,000 Grant Recipient – Health & Wellness Focus Area

Overall:  Impact100 Houston’s grant funds helped Kids’ Meals provide more than 11,000 meals to Harris County’s most impoverished children. Additionally, as meals are delivered, families are offered social services information to access other vital resources.

Successes:  In 2022, Kids’ Meals exceeded their annual goal of meals served by more than 150,000 meals, totaling 1,832,862.

Challenges:  Kids’ Meals still has challenges in securing the needed funding and resources to meet the demands for this program in our community.


SPARK Park:  $22,000 Grant Recipient – Environment Focus Area

Overall:  Funds supported the public art components of new SPARK Parks at Hearne Elementary and Kennedy Elementary in Alief ISD. This included involvement of a community artist for each park as well as participation by the campus art teacher and the students.

Successes: Impact100 Houston’s grant funds helped to fund the art components at two of the eight new SPARK Parks dedicated in 2022.

Challenges:  Supply chain issues delayed the projects at both Hearne and Kennedy. On some of their 2022 projects, the SPARK Park was faced with challenges in getting permits from City of Houston and work approvals from Houston ISD, delaying that work by over six months.


Theatre Under The Stars:  $22,000 Grant Recipient – Arts & Culture Focus Area

Overall:  With grant funding, TUTS provided teaching artists for The River’s Spring Saturday Classes and Summer Camps, providing accessible, affordable, and high-quality arts instruction to persons with disabilities.

Successes:  Under the leadership of a new Education Director, The River has been more fully enveloped into TUTS’s educational programming, with several students from The River cast into feature roles in two productions.

Challenges:  The River faced challenges related to the return to in-person engagement following covid changes, including masks, social distancing, and contact tracing following breakthrough covid cases.


Impact100 Houston Grant & Reporting Process

Together, Impact100 Houston strives for a funding approach that centers on trust-based philanthropy which respects a non-profit’s deep understanding of their work and their clients’ needs. In this effort, we hope to minimize the unintended burdens and consequences of reporting requirements while also ensuring we are accountable to each of our member donors.

Our grants and reporting cycle follow a calendar year. Grantees receive half of the grant amount at the beginning of the grant cycle and the remainder after they provide a brief interim report. Grantees then provide a final report at the end of the grant period.

Philanthropy Fridays are a great opportunity for members to hear directly from our grantees to learn of their progress, build relationships, find ways to get involved, and get questions answered. These are recorded and linked here for each of our 2021 Grant Recipients:

Angela House

Chinquapin Prep

Kids’ Meals




Please contact Jessica Graham, President & Co-Founder, with any questions at info@impact100houston.org. As always, the Impact100 Houston Board of Directors is appreciative of the many ways you support our community and our award recipients.